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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: ForwardAction and tiles
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 03:40:58 GMT
Yes!  I cracked this nut just tonight.  You don't want ForwardAction, 
you want <digs-through-config/> 
org.apache.struts.tiles.actions.NoOpAction.  You've got to use the 
_tiles_ actions if you want to forward to definitions.  The standard 
Struts ones don't seem to work.  If someone knows another way, please 
let us know!  I have a bad feeling about how this is going to work with 
the Validator framework ... or NOT work rather.  I say that because you 
have to extend Validator forms in order for that stuff to "work" - at 
least, the way I understand it you do.



Struts Newsgroup ( wrote:

>Subject: ForwardAction and tiles
>From: "Eric" <>
> ===
>Does anyone know how ForwardAction works with tiles?

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