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From David Wood <>
Subject Help with Arrays of text fields
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 15:02:15 GMT
I have a form that has a variable number of text boxes on it.  I can 
populate the form correctly, but on submit, struts is unable to put the 
values back into the ActionForm.  To complicate things just a little, 
these text boxes are defined as other classes, since they store a label, 
a default value, and an enabled flag.

So, I have an object called FlexField.  Flex field has the following 
  public String getName() { return _name;}
  public String getValue() { return _value;}
  public void setValue(String iNewValue) { _value = iNewValue;}
  public boolean getEnabled() { return _enabled;}

My ActionForm has an array of FlexFields and methods for setting the 
array itself and individual values into the array.
  public FlexField[] getFlexfields() { return _flexFields;}
  public FlexField getFlexfields(int index) { return _flexFields[index];}
  public void setFlexfields(FlexField[] iNewVal) { _flexFields = iNewVal;}
  public void setFlexfields(int index, String iNewVal) { 
My Action creates an array of flex fields and sets it into the 
ActionForm before redirecting to the jsp that shows these.

My jsp puts out the list of flex fields into a table using the 
logic:iterate tag:
<logic:iterate name="myForm" id="flexfield" property="flexfields" 
type="com.temp.FlexField" >
    <td align="right"><bean:write name="flexfield" property="name"/></td>
    <td align="left">
      <logic:equal name="flexfield" property="enabled" value="true">
        <html:text name="myForm" property="flexfields" 
      <logic:equal name="flexfield" property="enabled" value="false">
        <hidden name="conferenceForm" property="flexfields" 
        <bean:write name="flexfield" property="value"/>

What I end up with is a bunch of text boxes and hidden fields that all 
have the name "flexfields", which is the name of the property in my 
ActionForm. But when I submit the form, I get an exception saying that 
it can't populate the ActionForm.  If you have multiple text boxes with 
the same name on a form, how does struts try to populate the ActionForm? 
 Does it just make X number of calls to setFlexfield(String input) 
without regard to indexing the elements?

I know this is a long and complicated example, but any help would be 

-- dave

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