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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: which tag for if else statement?
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:10:53 GMT
The condition will be evaluated - yes.  It has to be.  Are comparisons 
really that slow though?  I wouldn't think it would add super-great-deal 
of overhead.  Isn't this functionality addressed by the JSTL?  I ... if 
memory serves correctly, it is.  You may want to check out the commons 
taglibs project.  They host the JSTL RI.

Vikramjit Singh wrote:

>Yeah logic:equal and logic:notEqual are there, but i dont think, that they
>do what if-else statment does. 
>I dont think if logic:equal tag condition is satisfied, then logic:notEqual
>tag is not checked, like in if-else statements. coz if if statement is
>satisfied, then the control does not go in else statement, which is much
>faster than while writting if and if statements.
>If above what i am saying is correct, These could slow down the performance
>if there are too many conditions to be checked.
>I know i have to write these tags, but thought how do they get processed.

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