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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Login Question
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:51:19 GMT
I see I think - you've implemented a "realm" that is application (ie 
non-container-managed) to facilitate this.  Am I understanding things 
right?  I guess the solution I'm looking for is JDBCConfigRealm (not 
written, obviously) that would make use of some configuration to specify 
where a person authorizing in a "let" manner would go - and give an API 
to allow "let" authentication to occur - specifying an over-ride 
destination.  Obtaining the behavior I mention would necessitate either 
a nasty work-around or a custom realm (ie using Tomcat) implementation, 
am I right?  I'm not trying to belabor the point - I'm just trying to 
get a crystal-clear view of options.

(couple more comments below)



Struts Newsgroup ( wrote:

>(if you are on a Struts project, consider using 
> for issue tracking at least - 800 downloads 
>in 2 days;
>I will write a few more verticals for it; is't it time that Open Source 
>started doing verticals? - I will so smoke JetSpeed.
>and ... mvc-programmers on, you can keep track play by play, 
>or don't stand on the side lines; I welcome contributors)
You know, I downloaded it but I haven't taken the time to "get my hands 
dirty" with it yet... er, haven't _had_ time I should say :-)  That's my 
obstacle to contributing too :-/  I should probably spend less time on 
the lists ;-)  I guess that's a form of contribution too though.

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