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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Question about Struts and XSL
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2002 22:42:41 GMT
That's a pretty terse description of your problem :-)

I would build a simple test application first off - get familiar with 
the functionality Struts offers.  Be sure you make reference to the 
chapters Chuck put up for review on!  I think what you 
will find (unless I miss my guess) is that you can, using core Struts 
functionality (DynaThis and DynaThat!) quickly/easily refactor your 
application into something much better.  Not knowing much about XML, I 
can give you exactly zero guidance there.  You know your application 
better than any of us do - sit down and build a small-scale replica 
using Struts to force yourself to learn Struts.  Once you have done 
that, and have more specific questions, I think posting them here would 
get you more helpful responses.



John Owen wrote:

> I inherited an application that uses a Model-1 MVC approach. I was 
> hoping to migrate the application to the Model-2 approach that Struts 
> offers. My problem is that a particular jsp page uses xsl to render a 
> form and its elements. This particular page is the heart of a module 
> that performs several tasks and I am unsure of how to proceed. My 
> concern is that I will have to completely re-design the jsp/xsl combo 
> to remove the form elements from the xsl in order to use the Struts 
> html taglib and Action/Form classes. I was hoping to move code that 
> resides in the jsp page into an Action class.
> I looked through the message archive here briefly and found a few 
> posts about stxx (I think), but I'm not sure it would help without a 
> re-design. Any ideas or alternate approaches would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John 

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