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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: validating existence of session attributes in all Actions
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 17:54:12 GMT
Do RequestProcessors stack like filters?  This is a point I'm not clear 
on.  My reason for suggesting he subclass Action is that: 1) It works 
fine for me 2) I want to use Tiles (which is going to, I believe 
override the ReqProc - the plugin automatically does this, I think).  I 
think ReqProc implementations are "either-or" (exclusive) and not "this 
plus that" (inclusive; servlet filter-like).  That being the case, you 
kind of shoot yourself in the foot.  Maybe I'm wrong :-)  Hopefully 
someone will respond and clear this up.  I'm going to go look back over 
Chuck's book again.



Troy Hart wrote:

>I've done the same sort of thing in the past, but over time I grew to
>dislike the fact that all my actions needed to extend the one that
>implemented this special logic. It made it so that I couldn't freely use
>standard actions, like those defined in org.apache.struts.actions.
>However, by putting this logic in the front controller
>(RequestProcessor/ActionServlet) component you break the dependency on
>the base action and life is good again...

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