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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: validating existence of session attributes in all Actions
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 19:49:24 GMT
Unfortunately, the understanding I have is that Tiles is going to 
override the RequestProcessor when the plugin initializes itself.  Maybe 
that's a Cedric question.  Do you know what it does, Chuck?  I guess I 
could dig into the source for a definitive answer.  But it doesn't 
appear that RequestProcessors are additive at all, so if you subclass 
RequestProcessor and then use Tiles, the impression I have is that your 
RequestProcessor will not get used (since I am of the understanding that 
Tiles will use it's own RequestProcessor).  I suppose you could build 
your own RequestProcessor that extends the Tiles RequestProcessor - or 
maybe that contained a Tiles RequestProcessor (so you could delegate to 
it) ... but maybe I'm totally incorrect or missing something completely 

Please comment!  I'm confused now :-/



Eddie Bush wrote:

> Yes, my confusion was whether or not it is "additive" though.  Can you 
> have multiple subclasses (independent - no relationships between them 
> other than that they all extend the same class - not extending 
> one-another) and them "add" instead of "replace" functionality? 
> <goes-to-check-your-book/>  I got tied up and didn't do it yet - going 
> to now ...
> (I like suggestions! ;-)
> Thanks, Chuck :-)
> Eddie
> wrote:
>> Take a look at the processPreprocess() method in the RequestProcessor 
>> class. I have seen this method used for similar types of purposes.
>> Just a suggestion,
>> chuck 

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