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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: Tiles Definition as Action Input?
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:36:55 GMT

  This is not a priority today, but can be a goal. Don't forget that you 
can participate and propose enhancement patches ;-).
I am still trying to keep Tiles and Struts well separated from a code 
point of view. This doesn't forbid to have a great integration of Tiles 
in Struts. I would like to have Tiles behave like a plugin that you can 
enable/disable. The integration is done through appropriate hooks in 
Struts and Tiles.

Eddie Bush wrote:

> Does that mean things are moving away from relying on Tile-specific 
> actions, and allowing the "core" actions to be used with Struts 
> instead? That would help things a great deal, I think!  Please 
> confirm/deny my understanding as being accurate!
> I'm not trying to put down what you have done Cedric, but there is a 
> greater degree of utility in not having to use the tiles-specific 
> ations.  Not only does it reduce maintenance from two down to one, but 
> it also makes it easier for someone extending the behavior of Struts 
> to do so with minimal furture implications wrt maintenance/adding of 
> features to Struts "core" actions.
> Does anyone know if this sort of integration will also take place with 
> the validator framework?  It would be ideal if it did, although I 
> think it would probably be more difficult to do.  In any case, it's 
> nice to see support for Tiles in the "core" actions - that's one less 
> complication to providing extended functionality to Struts without 
> cutting folks off from the "standard extensions" that are available!
> Thanks!
> Eddie
> Cedric Dumoulin wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>  Latest Struts nightly build should support to use a definition name 
>> as <action input="">.
>>  Can you check with the latest nightly build ? If it still doesn't 
>> work, can you report the error ?
>>   Cedric 
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