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From "Nikolov. Dragomir" <>
Subject Strange problem
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 10:44:29 GMT
Hallo All,
	I am currently developing web app using struts, the application
is nearly ready and I have just deployed it on Linux for testing.
	So far the application was developed and tested only on Windows.

	The problem I will describe is not really connected to struts,
but it is likely to be experienced by someone else on this list due to 
	the fact that maybe lots of developers are using for development
the two platforms this way.

	All sources of the application are stored in CVS. For deployment
I check out the project from CVS and build it using the platform to be 
	deployed ( some times there are problems deploying app on Linux,
which are built on Windows and vice versa). 
	the application was deployed on Tomcat 4.1.3 and is running
	However when I load some pages form IE on windows the browser
reports errors in the page. Additionally some buttons does not work 
	because of JavaScript errors. 
	The same application does not have this problems when deployed
on Windows also on Tomcat 4.1.3.

	Does anyone has ever experiences such problem.

Best Regards,

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