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From "Neil.Axtell" <>
Subject Dynamic Forms & FormBeans
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 15:27:08 GMT

Hello Struts-World.

Here's a Struts Newbie query I've got.

I really like being able to associate a FormBean with a Struts form and then
doing the validation etc. at the server end. I understand about having to
have attributes in the FormBean that match the names of the input elements
in the HTML form.

However, I cannot think of a way of creating a FormBean that can cope with a
form that has entirely dynamically generated output. For example, one that
creates a list of items in a shopping cart where every item has an
associated "delete" checkbox. I can ensure that each checkbox has a similar
name, (I'm using the name to indicate the cart item to which it relates
rather than the value at the moment) but how can I map these to attributes
in the Form bean? At design-time I will not know how many attributes I need
to supply, or what their full names will be. If I use the same name for each
checkbox (i.e. all map to the same FormBean attribute) and hold the cart
item ID in the value how will I be able to store the different values?

I'm sure that there's a good "Struts way" to do this but I cannot see one at
the moment. Can anyone out there enlighten me?

Many thanks.


P.S. I'm currently using Struts 1.0.1 and would prefer to stay that way
until I get the current iteration of the project out of the way.


Neil Axtell
Principal Engineer (MMI/Web Technologies)
European Measurement Division - Engineering
200 Capability Green
Luton, UK
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