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From "Craig Tataryn" <>
Subject Action object doesn't get attributes...
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 21:28:52 GMT
Here is a question from a collegue of mine (see below).  Basically last year 
when they started using Struts on one of their web applications they could 
use request.getAttributes from their Action object and everything worked 
fine.  However, now it seems that they need to use an ActionForm object 
which isn't possible in this case since the form objects to be submitted 
change based on the user logged in.

Anyone have an answer?  I just saw a mail from Craig explaining that form 
parameter values are treated differently now than they were before, however 
he says they are using the same version of struts (1.0) as they did before.



Original message:

For those of you who I asked already, I did some more testing and
included some more information:

Have any of you come accross the following?

It seems that the form attributes are not available to the struts Action
object unless they are put into an ActionForm. If they are not put into
an ActionForm (or if there is no ActionForm defined for the page) then
the data is unavailable to that Action object.

This did not happen in last years application (both are using the same
struts version). Is there some configuration setting that might be
causing this? Is the presence of ANY ActionForm that is defined on that
page mess up forms for which there is no ActionForm?

Thanks for any info you might have on this.

Craig W. Tataryn

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