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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: Architecture advice....
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 18:59:16 GMT
Sounds like a "how to implement a facade" problem.  I would make your 
service layer a singleton with a factory method to retrieve the instance.  
That way you avoid the static method calls and maintain the symantics of 
passing messages to objects (the singleton).  You also avoid creating a new 
object everytime you want to use a service method.

>I had a discussion at work today concerning the best way to implement our
>application.  A very
>basic discription of the framework would be the following:
>1. Struts + Velocity for the view
>2. Struts ActionServlets for the controller
>3. Service layer/methods for querying persistence layer
>4. OJB persistence layer
>The main debate was actually about what the service layer would look like.
>We thought about the following options:
>1. The service layer consists of static methods
>2. The service layer would consists of normal classes
>3. The service layer could consist of servlets
>The idea is that (this is nothing new of course) the service layer would
>purely have methods such as addToShoppingBasket() or checkLogin(); 
>service methods which carry out the communication with the persistense 
>and returns the result to the controller.
>The question is though, should we create a new object every time we want to
>access a stateless method?  Surely that would be a bit of an overhead.  Go
>with servlets?  This possibly ties it to the web-container too much and
>isnīt very elegant (?).  Another option would be just to use static 
>can this cause a problem when wanting to distribute to more than one 
>Is it better in terms of performance?
>I would really appreciate some help and ideas on this.  It would make 
>easier in terms of deciding on the next step.
>Thanks in advance!
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