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From "Michelle Popovits" <>
Subject tiles & javascript
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 21:01:44 GMT

I'm new to tiles and am wondering what the best way is to integrate 
javascript, as follows:

Before Tiles:
I had a main jsp (with some includes for header/footer) and some embedded 
javascript and js file references.

After Tiles:
I have tiles setup for header/footer/body.  The layout that I am using is 
(and should be fairly generic) as is the header/footer.  Now, the body tile 
makes use of some javascript functions both embedded and as js references.

Where do I put this javascript code? I am assuming that it should not go in 
the layout because that is being used by multiple pages.  It doesn't really 
belong in the header/footer either.  And shouldn't the body tile just 
contain the body portion (not <head> information).

Any suggestions as the what the best approach is for this would be greatly 

Many thanks,

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