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From "Peggy Davidson" <>
Subject and log4j vs jdk14logger
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 03:33:08 GMT
I am trying to get some good logging implemented and was trying to use the
jdk14logger since I am on jdk1.4 but can't seem to find enough information
to configure the properties file. I have read the O'Reilly chapter, the
api's etc but still struggling in trying to get the properties and the
jdk14logger configuration set properly.

Are there any examples of the file for usage with
Jdk14logger available?  Or can anyone point me to a site that can tell me
the correct syntax for the properties to set in the file for turning on the debugging, info and trace
using Jdk14logger wrapper?  I know there is some good detailed description
on configuring and setting the properties for log4j but have been unable to
find something similar for the jdk14logger, which is really what I need.
Or, would it be better for me to just use log4j?

Configuration: I am using the nightly build from 7/19 for struts but
installed the latest build for commons-logger from last night.  I am running
Orion 1.5.4 as my app server.

Thanks in advance for the help,


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