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From "Adolfo Miguelez" <>
Subject tricky issue - non serializable DiskFile
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:35:12 GMT
Hi All,

we are working in a persisted environment as is Websphere 3.5. When we use 
DiskFile it throws the same exception that was reported in this thread:

a NonSerializedException for the DiskFile object.

It seems to us, that as DiskFile o FormFile belongs to ActionForm, when we 
declared the ActionForm in the properties with default scope, i.e. session, 
when WAS attempts to serialize the DiskFile but it is not able to do it 
since it does not implement Serializable.

On the other hand, when we declare the ActionForm to be in request scope, 
the exception is not raised. This confirms the previous.

Therefore, it looks like, that at least in Struts 1.0.2 ActionForms with 
DikFile attributes can not have session scope. Is this a bug? Could be 
solved by assigning it transient modifier? Will I need to assign session 
scope for ActionForms to upload operations?


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