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From "Daniel Jaffa" <>
Subject Re: child window problem, URGENT!!!!!!
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 19:26:41 GMT
Check the archives i answered this question already.  The only javascript
that i use is

Where "opener" is the keyword

<script langauge="javascript">

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From: "Samip Ladhawala" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 3:12 AM
Subject: RE: child window problem, URGENT!!!!!!

> Hi Guys,
> Thanks for replying. we are trying to acheive this
> problem by avoiding javascript and scriplets as much
> as possible. Let me explian our scenario:
> We have a JSP page lets call it page 'A' in which we
> have 3 fields LastName, FirstName and MiddleName. We
> also have a link for search on this page. We have
> option that user can enter first few letters of the
> last name and search for the person using search link.
> We wanted to open a new window lets call it 'B' and
> display the names found on the basis of user input.
> Now when user double clicks on one name in child
> window 'B', that name will be displayed back on to the
> parent window i.e. 'A' in the appropriate fields.
> We are using following approach for the above
> scenario:
> we have 2 JSP's and 2 formbeans associated to that
> JSPs. Now when user enters first few letters of the
> LastName on parent form 'A' and clicks search link, we
> submit itself i.e. parent Form. We also have one flag
> in parent form ,apart from other attributes, whose
> value is "false" by default. In action (We use
> DispatchAction) we create instance of child form 'B'
> and set the attributes for query into it and put that
> into session. We make the flag in parent form equal to
> "true" and forward the mapping to itself. Now in
> parent JSP we use logic tag to check the value of that
> flag, if it is true then we call a javascript function
> to open a child window 'B'.
> Now in child 'B' JSP onload we submit itself i.e.
> Child Form with action equal to 'search'. In search
> method in action class of child form we talk to the
> business delegate and call the method to get the
> results for the user input, which is present in the
> child form bean, since we set that from parent and put
> it in session. Now after we get the possible matches
> on the basis of user input from business we forward
> the mapping to same page i.e child jsp. Now when user
> double clicks the one value from the list, we submit
> child form itself with action equal to selectPerson.
> In this method we get the parent form from the session
> and set the appropriate values in LastName, FirstName
> and MiddleName from the selected value and set the
> flag in parentform equal to "false". Then thru
> javascript in child JSP we are reloading the parent
> and closing the child window. This doesn't reload the
> parent window with new values in the formbean, which
> is being set in child action. We checked the session
> using debugger and we found that values in the parent
> form are being updated by child action correctly.
> Questions:
> 1) Does location.realod()[in javascript] flush the new
> values set in the session ?
> 2) What is the best way to refresh or submit the
> parent from child?
> 3) Is there any better way to solve this (By avoiding
> use of javascript and scriplets as much as possible)?
> Sorry for long Email. Any help will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Samip
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