I'm using a DynaActionForm and instantiating it and populating it with initial values in a servlet 2.3 Listener sessionCreated() event. When I use the DynaActionForm in a form on a JSP page, the populated values have disappeared. I've searched the archives and various FAQs and combed through the source (Struts 1.1b1) and I can't see why it goes wrong. What am I missing? Here's the Listener bit: public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent hse) { HttpSession session = hse.getSession(); ... code for a (DynaActionForm) dynaClass.newInstance() ... instance.set("foo","Foo"); session.setAttribute("my_form", instance); } I can snoop and see "foo" is in "my_form" and it's in the session. Then I request a page "entrypage" that uses the DynaActionForm in a form, like this: This bit comes up empty the first time, when it should have the intial value of "Foo": It looks like the RequestProcessor processActionForm() call to the RequestUtils.createActionForm() method is not finding "my_form" in the session and instead is instantiating a new "my_form" without any values. As you can see, I'm using a DispatchAction object. Here's the method that gets triggered: public ActionForward test(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm inForm, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException { DynaActionForm form = (DynaActionForm) inForm; // just a cast! if(form.get("foo") != null) { log.debug("form.get('foo') is \"" + form.get("foo") + "\""); } else log.severe("no form parameter named foo!"); return mapping.findForward("entrypage"); } When I go back to the "entrypage", "foo" has been properly populated with the value from the request parameter and shows whatever I submitted in the form. Here's the struts-config.xml bits: So what could be wrong? -- Daniel kehoe@fortuity.com -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: