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From "Chappell, Simon P" <>
Subject RE: Usage (was O/R mapping tools)
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 13:28:14 GMT

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>From: Galbreath, Mark []
>Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 5:08 AM
>To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
>Subject: RE: Usage (was O/R mapping tools)
>My philosophy has always been: "If it stops being fun, it's 
>time to stop
>doing it."

And if it hurts, then it's too late to stop it! This is especially true for me, because my
sports usually involve extreme contact: Rugby, Judo, Fencing, Karate and now I'm learning
Kung Fu! (Kung Tao style incase you wanted to know :-)

>And the last thing I want to do this weekend is carry furniture, Simon!

Deeply disappointed!

>However, if I get the CTG job in Vermont (putting a Java interface on a
>legacy  mainframe COBOL app for a telco - what a great job for 
>Struts, eh?),
>you may help me carry mine.... ;-)

If you pay for my round-trip airfare! :-)

>I'm planning to finish reading Abbey, et al., "Oracle9i: A 
>Beginner's Guide"
>(Osborne 2002) today (excellent introduction to Oracle DBA 
>stuff, SQL Plus,
>and PL/SQL) and start on Carnell, et al., "Professional 
>Oracle8i Application
>Programming with Java, PL/SQL and XML" (Wrox 2000) this 
>weekend with the
>goal of optimizing the database calls our Struts application 
>is making and
>set Struts up on my new host server at  It is so easy to
>connect Struts to a database; it's so difficult to do it right 
>(snuck in to
>stay "on topic").

You're a sick puppy.

>Profound revelation o' the day:
>Everybody has a purpose in life; few have goals.
>(also in the middle of Tilly and Burke's "Ant: The Definitive Guide"
>(O'Reilly 2002), also an excellent treatise).

I think that "Java Development with Ant" by Hatcher and Loughran from Manning is a better
book. After reading it my ant scripts are starting to improve massively! :-)


Simon P. Chappell           
Java Programming Specialist            
Lands' End, Inc.                                   (608) 935-4526

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