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From "Mazza, Glen R, PERSCOM" <>
Subject merge Struts and stxx?
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:54:35 GMT

I was wondering if perhaps a future release of Struts might be enhanced if
it integrated the XML/XSLT/PDF possibilities of stxx.

An email on the struts-xsl Yahoo group
( about Oracle's
Cleveland web framework, criticized Struts for not having "native" support
for XSLT, XSL FO/PDF technologies, etc., that are already in the stxx
extension.  (You can still use XSL/XSLT/XSL FO within Struts however,
currently by manually returning the application/pdf object from the

One drawback I see is that stxx includes the FOP processor (which further
includes the Avalon logger), etc., and Struts might get overly large if it
were to include stxx.  So perhaps the status quo of using Struts and
importing stxx only when needed remains preferable.



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