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From "Chuong Huynh Ngoc" <>
Subject About sub-app (or multiple config files)
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 02:25:15 GMT

Hi all,

In our project we want to develop in modules, so sub-app feature is valuable for us. However,
I can't find much info about the feature (I did read the Chuck's book and Tile-doc example).
Could someone kindly explain to me or point to where I can find the answers:

1. In the Tiles example, I see the <form-beans>, <global-forwards> and <action-mappings>
sections are repeated in all config files (though in <action-mappings> the paths are
changed to suite the context). Do we need to do that? If yes then what is the point of sub
app, when one of the purpose is to break the config file to many smaller ones?

2. What is the convention for the sub-app name and the corresponding config file. (Is it config/<sub-app>
and struts-<sub-app>-config.xml)


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