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From "nathan phillips" <>
Subject Use of Iterator tag
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:32:44 GMT

Hello all,

I'm new to Struts and attempting to make use of the iterator tag.  I have a 
couple questions that I'm hoping some kind individual can help me answer in 
regards to the iterator tag.  I have a bean with a method named "iterator" 
that returns an iterator.

If I do this it tells me I have no getter for my method iterator, which of 
course is true.
<logic:iterate name="testbean" property="iterator" id="test">

So how do I make it work.  I see that there is a collection attribute that 
might work but I'm unsure of how exactly to make use of it.  I was thinking 
something along the lines of:
<logic:iterate name="testbean" collection=<%=testbean.iterator()%> 

Of course that doesn't work though.

My second question is how would do I write out a property for the radio tag 
within a iterator tag.  I'm attempting the following with no success.  It 
tells me "test" is out of scope however the same bean:write works fine 
outside of the radio tag.

<logic:iterate name="testbean" property="iterator" id="test">
  <html:radio property="myId" value="<bean:write name="test" 

Any help in solving these mysteries for me would be greatly appreciated.  

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