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From "Robert Taylor" <>
Subject Escaping HTML in <html:multibox../>
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 13:55:45 GMT
Is there a way to NOT escape HTML in the value attribute of <html:multibox
... />. I'm trying to dynamically populate the value attribute using
<bean:write .../> and apparently the multibox tag does not process the
embedded <bean:write ... />.

Code in JSP page:
<html:multibox property="upgradeLicenseKeys" value="<bean:write
name='element' property='licenseKeyId'/>"/>

HTML rendered:
<input type="checkbox" name="upgradeLicenseKeys" value="&lt;bean:write
name='element' property='licenseKeyId'/&gt;">

I've tried the following as well (use single quotes to encapsulate the
value's value):
<html:multibox property="upgradeLicenseKeys" value='<bean:write
name="element" property="licenseKeyId"/>'/>

HTML rendered:
<input type="checkbox" name="upgradeLicenseKeys" value='&lt;bean:write
name="element" property="licenseKeyId"/&gt;'>

I have included the appropriate page directive which imports the taglibrary:
<%@ taglib uri="jakarta-struts-bean" prefix="bean"%>

...and I am using other <bean:write .../> tags on the same page (not in the
same fashion) and they are working properly.

I found a message in the archives where the solution was to add
filter="false" in the bean:write tag, but the <html:multibox tag has no
attribute like that.

I'm sure this has been solved before, I just cannot seem to find it in the


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