i think you should give property and type name with iterate tag so that struts can know that your id attribute should act in what manner? Austin Lowry wrote: > What I am attempting to accomplish is to display a list of radio buttons > based on entity objects I have stored in a vector. Creating the buttons > and the desired text is not a problem, but assigning a value to each of > the buttons created so that I can determine which of my entities was > selected is. > > I decided to use a value from the entities as the key to the selected > radio button, but I am having difficulty setting the value parameter in > the radio tag. Here is my code: > > > value="<%= ((CER)cer).getTrackingNbr()%>"/> > Ship Date: > > > The error message I recieve tells me that the variable cer whos > getTrackingNbr I am attempting to execute cannot be resolved. > > Is there somthing I need to do to make the variable cer available, or am > I just going about this the wrong way. > > Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. > > ~Austin Lowry > > -- > To unsubscribe, e-mail: > For additional commands, e-mail: