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From "Bryan Hilterbrand" <>
Subject Re: [OT][ALT-TECH] Apple Web Objects
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 14:56:16 GMT
Next we'll be talking about teletypes and punched paper tape.  Ahhh, the
good, old days.


P.S. My first computer was an Apple ][+ (you have to use the brackets...),
and it saw me through the latter half of high school and college.  I bought
a daisywheel printer, and my teachers were in awe of my "typing abilities."

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From: "John Owen" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>;
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: [OT][ALT-TECH] Apple Web Objects

Maybe I can generate some nostalgia as well :

My family got an Apple II+ when I was about 8. Immediately, I began toying
around with it to play games (sometimes educational) and eventually (around
age 9 or 10) I stumbled upon Nibble, Byte and Compute magazines. I would
badger my Dad to take me to the local library to get the latest issues. When
we went to big cities like Seattle, New York and Chicago, I would make sure
we went by the "big" libraries so that I could Xerox as many source listings
as humanly possible. I didn't have a hard drive (duh) and I would code in
BASIC under Apple's Pro-Dos. Some of the listings were in assembler and I
could never get my folks to buy me one. I figured out that I could drop into
a command-line assembler (lol, actually probably just an interface to
machine code) by crashing Pro-Dos during boot - then I could enter those
listings. I could never figure out how to save work as I went, so I had to
code them exactly right so that I could save them at the end or I would just
be wasting time. Many of the listings had errors or parts left to be
implemented later and I took those as challenges, since there was no
guarantee that I would see the next issue soon enough to be of use.

By age 11, I had learned Pascal and had become an expert at hex-editing
Apple II applications. ;) A few years later I got an Apple IIGS for
Christmas, I think. I dorked around with it until I got to college and
upgraded to a Mac IIsi (that's where you REALLY date yourself Mark ;) ). I
messed around with Pascal until I learned c later that year and eventually
migrated to c++, assembler. I picked up on Java about 3-4 years ago and only
over the last 2 years have I gotten to really work with it professionally.


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