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From "Steve" <>
Subject Newbie and use of <logic:iterate>
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 20:54:34 GMT
Not sure this posted the first time. Sorry in advance if it did.

I have checked the archives and I can still not seem to find a clear way
of how to accomplish the following. I have a collection of beans added
to the request:

request.setAttribute("allFoo", foos);

The beans have a property called 'someIds'( this is a List of id's) ,
along with other properties like name, desc, etc. In my .jsp I simply
need to iterate over the collection of beans displaying the properties
and where applicable iterate over 'someIds'. I have something similar to
this currently:

<logic:iterate name="allFoo" id="aFoo">
    <bean:write name="aFoo" property="title"/>
    <bean:write name="aFoo" property="name"/>
    <bean:write name="aFoo" property="desc"/>
    <logic:iterate name="allFoo" id="sid">
        <bean:write name="sid" property="someIds"/>

This does not give me the desired result though. Can someone shed some
light on what it is I am doing incorrectly? It seems like a fairly
common thing that I want to do. 



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