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From "Zahid Rahman" <>
Subject Re: logging in struts
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 19:37:29 GMT
Oh look!
Mention Academia and these people get up tight.

I will correct your grammar for you.
> I 'am'  highly suspicion 'who' this character is, in fact, a bot.  He got
lucky on a .....

I was never on the JSP-INTEREST list , yesterday or today.
That is your friends doing the impersonations.

I am convinced that you people who are on the  user mailing,
stay on it to impress.
Do you want to know how impressed I am ......

Calling me names in an email list just tells me that you are not only
academically challenge but when challenged  because your are academically
you stoop to making quite cowardly remarks.

The best posting I have read so far was the one written by
"Galbreath, Mark".
He wrote "we wrote our own login form." Would you like to have the .java
Chapter 21 shows you how to write a login form using the struts framework.

If you point your browser at this link in the near future.
You will see a complete web application using the
struts framework.

I very strongly suggest that you read the philosophy  behind
It says that Craig Mclaughlan is heading the Model2 framework,
So that anyone wishing to use it can simply
use it and not have to write your own.
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From: "Eddie Bush" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 8:10 PM
Subject: Re: logging in struts

> I highly suspicion this character is, in fact, a bot.  He got lucky on a
> soundex match that came close to approximating the topic of interest.
>  That's what I discount it to - nothing more.  If I'm incorrect, I
> apologize in advance.  It will take some serious convincing to make me
> believe he isn't though ...
> Hajratwala, Nayan (N.) wrote:
> >Agreed that some previous posts have been pretty sketchy, but it seems to
me that in this case he may have just misunderstood the question "logging in
struts" to mean "logging in IN struts"... in which case his suggestion is
probably valid.
> >
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> Eddie Bush
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