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From Túlio Tadeu (Matriz - CPD) <>
Subject Struts 1.1 beta 2 and sub-applications
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:40:25 GMT
(excuse me I don't know English very well)


I am using Struts 1.1 (beta) and I have a problem:

1. I created an application <default> configured by the file
2. I created a sub-application <subapp1> configured by the file
3. The files JSP of the application <default> they are accessible in
4. The files JSP of the sub-application <subapp1> they are accessible in
5. In the file <struts-config-subapp1.xml> I created one Action Mapping
<welcome> that it is a static redirect for a file JSP  <file.jsp>
6. Also in the file <struts-config-subapp1.xml> I pointed Message Resources
for com.aplication.ApplicationResources

The problem:

- Accessing http://<host>:<port>/application/subapp1/ no I have
problem some and the <file.jsp> it is carried
usually with all the configurations of ApplicationResources, ActionMappings
and FormBeans

- However, in case I make a direct call
http://<host>:<port>/application/subapp1/file.jsp I receive the following
#javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot find message resources under key

- There I "transferred" the configuration of ApplicationResources of the
file <struts-config-subapp1.xml> for <struts-config.xml>, I restarted the
application and I made the same call:
http://<host>:<port>/application/subapp1/file.jsp the
I wander this time was the following:
#javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot retrieve mapping goes action / to

- I believe that I marry I "transfer" mine ActionMappings of the file
<struts-config-subapp1.xml> for the file <struts-config.xml> the new error
message will be related with FormBean that it is still configured in

The great subject is: because accessing him/it directly I file <file.jsp>
the configurations of <struts-config-subapp1.xml> they don't have validity
and accessing through the action <> do they start to work?

Somebody already went by this problem?

Túlio Tadeu
Analista de Sistemas

PREVCAIXA - Caixa de Previdência e Assistência
Tel: (31) 3226-8707 - Ramal: 101

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