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From "T. Wheeler" <>
Subject Some ActionClasses Are Invoked Twice, Why?
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 01:04:18 GMT
I have found a bug in a Struts application I am developing at work, and
I am having trouble figuring out what might be causing it.  I will give
the brief overview below, and be happy to dive into as much detail as
might be needed.

The problem:
I have started adding logging to several of my action classes and have
started noticing that some of them are being called twice in quick
succession.  I know for a fact that it's not a user double-clicking to
submit a form; I can reproduce it (only some of the ActionClasses have
this problem, but they have it consistently.  To help illustrate the
problem, I have an excerpt of the log below, showing that the
ActionClass was called twice:

// the first time the action class was called
16:41:11,897 - Checking required permissions
16:41:11,898 - Starting performTask() method
16:41:11,898 - performTask(): Got session attributes;
16:41:11,900 - performTask(): Removing old contexts
16:41:11,900 - performTask(): Calling getAvailableContexts()
16:41:12,728 - performTask(): Got 2 contexts
16:41:12,740 - performTask(): Adding LVBean[Example 1, 0001]
16:41:12,741 - performTask(): Adding LVBean[Example 2, 0026]
16:41:12,741 - performTask(): Setting roles vector
16:41:12,742 - Ending performTask() method

// the second time the action class was called, < 1 second later
16:41:13,039 - Checking required permissions
16:41:13,040 - Starting performTask() method
16:41:13,040 - performTask(): Got session attributes;
16:41:13,043 - performTask(): Removing old contexts
16:41:13,044 - performTask(): Calling getAvailableContexts()
16:41:13,853 - performTask(): Got 2 contexts
16:41:13,854 - performTask(): Adding LVBean[Example 1, 0001]
16:41:13,854 - performTask(): Adding LVBean[Example 2, 0026]
16:41:13,855 - performTask(): Setting roles vector
16:41:13,855 - Ending performTask() method

Again, I will be happy to post code samples upon request, but I don't
want to clutter the issue quite yet.

Struts Version-
I am using a Struts nightly build from December 2001, but I can
reproduce the problem under the most recent 1.1 beta of Struts (which I
downloaded earlier today).

The Server-
RedHat Linux 7.2, fully patched, running with Caucho Resin-2.1.2 and Sun
JDK 1.3.1_04 (latest 1.3.1 JVM).  I can reproduce this problem on
multiple machines with several different versions of Resin (up to

Any ideas at what might be causing this, or how to diagnose it?  

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give.


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