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From Scott Barr <>
Subject Re: Excuse me !
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 01:57:27 GMT

I really hate to add to the noise on this list (but I find myself doing
it anyway :/ ), but no one on this list should be considered your enemy!
I've been a long time lurker to this list, and the people here are
helpful, friendly, maybe sometimes a little direct even, but not your


On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 11:21, Zahid Rahman wrote:

    I happen to know three different architectures for web applications.
    Yes, I know Branching statements is an old fashioned saying.
    With regard to race!
    The very first time I logged on, my account was impersonated!!!
    Although I originate from the UK.
    I pointed  out to a Pakistani company that I am a Pakistani.
    The Pakistani firm replied their account have been impersonated too.
    90% of the people ask questions on mail list and
    reply to rehearsed answers.
    I have done the crawling and now I am in the process of walking
    just about to run.
    With regard to Bank ---
    Their cake and they will have to eat it!
    The question was an attitude test
     i.e. Know your enemy!
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    From: "Peter A. J. Pilgrim" <>
    To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
    Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 2:26 AM
    Subject: Re: This guy from the bank raised a question ?
    > Zahid Rahman wrote:
    > > Eddie Bush wrote that the designer of the architecture,  Craig R.
    > > McClannahan is present on this line.
    > >
    > > I was on the websphere line and Don Carlos, from DB.COM was talking
    > > it.
    > > So I mentioned it.
    > >
    > Although this late in the day, because I catching up 2500 emails after
    > configuring my SOHO network for ADSL, I will respond
    > Well it isn't surprised that you got DISSED in the end.
    > And your type of attitude stinks to the extreme.
    > This is the 21st century mate, we are using the Internet
    > a form  that makes culture and race and dare I say colour
    > very transparent. This is the great equaliser or super
    > highway isn't it. I dont appreciate your patronising
    > talks on race or culture and for the record, slavery
    > (in the United States at least) was banned over hundred
    > years ago.
    > "What do you do about the back button on the browser ?
    > The answer being nothing."
    > Your prose reveals your inexperience and ineptitude in all
    > things HTML / HTTP and Java Server side technologies to the real
    > experts on the list, the technologists who have and are living at
    > the bleeding bloody edge. You should really calm down and
    > spend time learning the technology better. How it works?
    > Why people use it? How people used it to solve real problems?
    > What are trying to solve? Does the technology fit the
    > bill, is it the right solution?
    > You cannot pick up this information , no I say, knowledge
    > from a quick read of marketing department sales broshures.
    > You cannot get it right, if you repeat the latest
    > business lingo "in terms of ...", "in terms ....".
    > Your project will fail if simply dont understand the mode
    > (as in the french meaning "fashion").
    > This is open source dealing with real people with real life.
    > This is where real "cultural diversity" is truly happening,
    > fool. This is where the real "synergies" are?
    > This is not human resources department.
    > This is not a boardroom meeting of stuffy highly over-paid
    > executives, although I'd gladly accept the wages from those guys.
    > This is the boiler room or the mechanics garage or the engineering
    > facility where people get their hands routinely dirty.
    > Learn to crawl, before you walk, before you run.
    > PS: And this from a ex-Deutsche bank employmee. It really
    > does show that still don't know their left hand from
    > their right foot, but there you go. It .... happens, if
    > the belief, culture and the motivation stagnates, and you lay off
    > the really brillaint IT people in your organisation.
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