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From Kirby Vandivort <>
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 13:50:31 GMT
Question..  are any of the three books, husted, chuck, or james written
TO version 1.1?  Amazon doesn't give details on any of the three, and
Ted's page mentions a chapter that talks about 1.1, but I'm wondering
if anything is out there yet that is actually written from the core up
to use 1.1.  My guess is that it is too early for such a beast, but I
figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

>The Introduction was one of the trickier parts of the book for us. The
>publisher kept saying the original first chapter wasn't the beginning.
>We were starting with Struts, but they wanted to start sooner than that.
>They also wanted a hands-on Struts example in the first chapter. I had
>no idea how to do all that in a single first chapter. Then George
>Franciscus came to the rescue with a very tightly written introductory
>chapter. It covers the basics of the underlying technologies and then
>leaps right into a working Struts application!
>The "trick" George came up for the example was to include the prebuilt
>classes in the download. That way, we didn't have to get into the build
>issues before showing people what it is "like" to develop in Struts.
>In fact, the new "Enabling Technologies" section of the Struts User
>guide grew out of the work we did with our own chapter 1. Of course,
>ours has more text than hyperlinks (but that's what you have to do in
>We'll be posting the Tiles and Validator chapters as our book examples
>Real Soon Now. Of course, Cedric and David drafted those. We decided to
>post these two since Tiles and Validator and the least documented parts
>of the framework right now. As example chapters, we will be able to keep
>them up indefinitely.
>Galbreath, Mark wrote:
> > Just got James' "Mastering Jakarta Struts" (Wiley 2002) last night from
> > Amazon.  Scanning through it, the layout and coverage looks very
>good.  If I
> > have one criticism at this time, it's that anyone wanting to "master
> > Struts" already knows about web applications and servlet containers.
>  There
> > was no need to spend the first 60 pages of the book on those subjects
> > (especially the Tomcat-specific stuff).
> >
> > Chuck and Ted: yours are preordered.  ;-)
> >
> > Mark
> >
> >
>Ted Husted, Husted dot Com, Fairport NY US
>co-author, Java Web Development with Struts
>Order it today:


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