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Subject Re: [STRUTS BOOK]
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 12:56:49 GMT
I'm sure there is going to be some overlap, but I really 
think that because we (Ted, James Goodwill, James Turner 
and Kevin Bedell, Sue and myself) all come from a 
slighly different background and have different 
experiences, the various Struts soon available will 
complement each other nicely.


> The Introduction was one of the trickier parts of the book for us. The 
> publisher kept saying the original first chapter wasn't the beginning. 
> We were starting with Struts, but they wanted to start sooner than that. 
> They also wanted a hands-on Struts example in the first chapter. I had 
> no idea how to do all that in a single first chapter. Then George 
> Franciscus came to the rescue with a very tightly written introductory 
> chapter. It covers the basics of the underlying technologies and then 
> leaps right into a working Struts application!
> The "trick" George came up for the example was to include the prebuilt
> classes in the download. That way, we didn't have to get into the build
> issues before showing people what it is "like" to develop in Struts.
> In fact, the new "Enabling Technologies" section of the Struts User
> guide grew out of the work we did with our own chapter 1. Of course, 
> ours has more text than hyperlinks (but that's what you have to do in 
> print).
> We'll be posting the Tiles and Validator chapters as our book examples 
> Real Soon Now. Of course, Cedric and David drafted those. We decided to 
> post these two since Tiles and Validator and the least documented parts 
> of the framework right now. As example chapters, we will be able to keep 
> them up indefinitely.
> -Ted.
> Galbreath, Mark wrote:
>  > Just got James' "Mastering Jakarta Struts" (Wiley 2002) last night from
>  > Amazon.  Scanning through it, the layout and coverage looks very 
> good.  If I
>  > have one criticism at this time, it's that anyone wanting to "master 
> Jakarta
>  > Struts" already knows about web applications and servlet containers. 
>   There
>  > was no need to spend the first 60 pages of the book on those subjects
>  > (especially the Tomcat-specific stuff).
>  >
>  > Chuck and Ted: yours are preordered.  ;-)
>  >
>  > Mark
>  >
>  >
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> Ted Husted, Husted dot Com, Fairport NY US
> co-author, Java Web Development with Struts
> Order it today:
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