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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject [OT] JavaScript auto-submit form
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 20:12:34 GMT
Could any of you suggest a way for me to get Netscape/Mozilla to 
auto-submit a form via JavaScript?  I have two ways that work just fine 
under IE and Opera ... but, ... suffice it to say I'd like a 
cross-browser solution :-)

Things I have tried:
    * A JavaScript <script> block after the form that would invoke the 
forms submit method.
    * A function defined in the <head> that is invoked as the onload 
event for the body.

IE and Opera do fine either way.  Mozilla ... doesn't.  Suggestions 
(other than "don't support Mozilla!")?  How do you guys do auto-submit 
forms in Netscape/Mozilla?



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