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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Reloading struts-config.xml
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:00:54 GMT
I think those admin actions went "bye-bye".  I don't know what your 
servlet container is, but I can redeploy to Tomcat pretty quick.  It's 
... I don't really see it as a "bottleneck".  If you wanted to really 
"slick it up", you could stick in a deploy target in your ant build 
script that used the (assuming you're using TC) Tomcat manager tasks, 
and just "ant deploy" instead of "ant compile" and have your deploy 
target depend on compile.  There's many ways to make this seamless.

You could also have an "updatecfg" target that would do nothing but 
(assuming you're running the app out of the same directory you're 
developing it in) just reloads the application -- which would cause the 
behavior you want (I believe).

... there're obviously other ways.  Using an ant task can really 
simplify your life, *if* you're using Tomcat 4.1 -- I don't believe 4.0 
has such support :-(



phpsurf wrote:

>Maybe was question was quite confusing ...
>First, I'm talking about Struts 1.1b2
>Second, the problem is during development only :
>I don't want to have to reload my entire webapp everytime I make a little
>update to the struts-config.xml !
>is there any way to reload struts-config.xml on runtime, without redeploying
>the application ?
>for example, in Struts 1.0, ther was an admin action that you can call from
>a specific servlet that was added in the example webapp, but it seems to
>have disappear in 1.1b2 ...

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