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From Danny Mui <>
Subject Re: I seek a sample databae crud application
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:14:33 GMT
Look at Chuck C.'s (haha can't spell it)  book, it has a very nice 
sample app that uses the OJB framework (i likey!) to do the O/R mapping 
so no SQL required.
You can pre-order it now from various book vendors.  (other books are 
coming too!).  I believe Chuck provided the example app to download, 
search the archive :)

Rewrote the petstore with struts!  They use their custom DAO but the 
patterns are the same.

For my answers:
a) umm let the container do it, get the datasource from JNDI and 
b) thats why we get paid the big bucks!...wait nevermind...

danny wrote:

>Does anyone have a working example of of a Struts
>application that does simple CRUD routines on a
>database. I'm looking for an example of how to 
>a) handle the database connections (pooling)
>b) process create/read/update/delete database requests
>I'm not asking for someone to write one for me, just
>wondering if anyone could point me to a working example
>of one online that I can look at. The only one I've
>seen is the one on Husted's site, the "Artimus" app,
>which is *not* simple.. to me at least ;) All the other
>sample apps I have looked at don't go into using a
>database. They all save their data as xml which is not
>practical for  everything (but I understand they use
>xml to keep the example simple).
>I have started an application for a project at work but
>is going slowly and I'm not sure the way I'm doing
>things is the most elegant.
>Thanks in advance
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