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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Indemnification & copyright
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 04:43:52 GMT
I don't understand what you mean.  I believe the ASF license is such 
that you can include things from them (you need to give credit somehow 
for what you do use), but not have to do anything special.  You wouldn't 
have to make it open-source or anything like that.

I suppose you mean your employer wants to be sure that THEY are not sued 
for a copyright/patent infringement.  I don't see how it would arise. 
 Everything is meant to be given away and built upon.  Given away by 
them and built upon by us.  We may use it however we see fit.  You 
really should give credit for what you use though.

I think probably the final word would come from a lawyer.  You could get 
a copy of the license agreement from the web and go over it with a 
lawyer.  Hopefully someone more familiar with legal matters can give you 
better advice.  I'm not sure I fully understand your circumstance :-)

Malcolm Davis wrote:

>To Struts Team, Developers and Users
>I am presently in a predicament on my present contract.  I
>am not allowed to use STRUTS unless my employer can be
>indemnified from copyright or patent infringement.
>1.  Is there anyway my employer can be indemnified from
>copyright or patent infringement with Struts?
>2.  Is there a company that provides this service?
>3.  Is this really an issue with Struts?
>The liability extends from the use of intellectual property.
>A developer knowingly or unknowingly contributes a piece of
>software to the Open Source community that contains
>intellectual property.  I then use that piece of open source
>Thanks for any comments,

Eddie Bush

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