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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: User Notification
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 22:55:04 GMT
Yeah you could persist it to a DB though and show the message from the 
DB when they ask to do that... and just rely on your 
session-manager-thingie for notification.

James Higginbotham wrote:

>Ok, then you could use JMS to store a message in a topic and check for
>it on each request to show the user an indicator if a message exists.
>But, unless you turn off persistence for the topic, you will be using a
>DB on the backend anyway. And a query against a DB on a field that is
>indexed (such as the userid) would be very fast. 
>The other option (assuming you are using only 1 server or have sticky
>sessions in place) is to create a session manager that you store these
>messages in a list, stored in a hash keyed by user id. It would probably
>be a singleton within the app server's VM. You would then check this
>manager on each request and show the indicator/message as appropriate.
>Just attach a session listener so that when the user's session times out
>or you kill it forcefully, your session manager will drop any existing
>messages. Course, this isn't persistent so if the user isn't signed in,
>they will never get the message (thus, see option 1 and previous posts
>to this list). 

Eddie Bush

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