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From "Peter A. J. Pilgrim" <>
Subject Re: This guy from the bank raised a question ?
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 01:26:31 GMT
Zahid Rahman wrote:
> Eddie Bush wrote that the designer of the architecture,  Craig R.
> McClannahan is present on this line.
> I was on the websphere line and Don Carlos, from DB.COM was talking about
> it.
> So I mentioned it.

Although this late in the day, because I catching up 2500 emails after
configuring my SOHO network for ADSL, I will respond

Well it isn't surprised that you got DISSED in the end.
And your type of attitude stinks to the extreme.
This is the 21st century mate, we are using the Internet
a form  that makes culture and race and dare I say colour
very transparent. This is the great equaliser or super
highway isn't it. I dont appreciate your patronising
talks on race or culture and for the record, slavery
(in the United States at least) was banned over hundred
years ago.

"What do you do about the back button on the browser ?
The answer being nothing."

Your prose reveals your inexperience and ineptitude in all
things HTML / HTTP and Java Server side technologies to the real
experts on the list, the technologists who have and are living at
the bleeding bloody edge. You should really calm down and
spend time learning the technology better. How it works?
Why people use it? How people used it to solve real problems?
What are trying to solve? Does the technology fit the
bill, is it the right solution?
You cannot pick up this information , no I say, knowledge
from a quick read of marketing department sales broshures.
You cannot get it right, if you repeat the latest
business lingo "in terms of ...", "in terms ....".
Your project will fail if simply dont understand the mode
(as in the french meaning "fashion").
This is open source dealing with real people with real life.
This is where real "cultural diversity" is truly happening,
fool. This is where the real "synergies" are?
This is not human resources department.
This is not a boardroom meeting of stuffy highly over-paid
executives, although I'd gladly accept the wages from those guys.
This is the boiler room or the mechanics garage or the engineering
facility where people get their hands routinely dirty.
Learn to crawl, before you walk, before you run.

PS: And this from a ex-Deutsche bank employmee. It really
does show that still don't know their left hand from
their right foot, but there you go. It .... happens, if
the belief, culture and the motivation stagnates, and you lay off
the really brillaint IT people in your organisation.

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