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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: How to share Tiles between webapps ?
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 16:45:30 GMT


  I think that the way to go is to copy the files (.xml and layouts) in 
each subapps. If you use a Unix system, you can do a link from the 
webapps to your files. The nice thing with Tiles, is that if you modify 
one of these files, you can override all its copies and it should still 
  The problem of not be able to share files between webapps is not 
related to tiles, but to webapps spec.

      Hope this help,

Alexandre Albert wrote:

>My site is composed of many webapps (many .war files), and I can not 
>figure out how to reuse tiles definitions and layouts in those different 
>The definitions are relative to the servlet's root context as well as the 
>layouts specified by the definitions.
>I've seen that one possible way is to write a custom 
>ComponentDefinitionFactory to read the tiles definitions files from a 
>specific location, but this is a bit tedious because of lack of 
>documentation or examples. Anyway this will solve the problem of sharing 
>definitions files for many webapps, but the problem of sharing common 
>layouts stays.
>Is there no other way than copying the tiles definitions and layouts to 
>every webapp ?
>Help would be greatly appreciated.
>Alexandre Albert

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