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From Howard Miller <>
Subject RE: Newbie to struts
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:12:39 GMT

I've read this about 5 times now and still can't get my head aroud what you
are doing.

Can you draw us a "picture" of what directories hold what, what your
classpath is, and what your javac command is.

Personally I have always used the structure recommended in the tomcat
documentation that involves an ant build script, this gets around a lot of
classpath difficulties as it generates the path for you (and it could be
quite lengthy with a STRUTS applicaton).

Don't think that's your problem though.


-----Original Message-----
From: angela mcgrenra []
Sent: 17 September 2002 09:48
Subject: Newbie to struts

Hi there

I am working my way thtough a Struts tutorial and have a slight (simple I'm 
sure) problem...

I have a bean ( and compiled in my classes dir at 

In this folder also is which needs to be able to find this 
bean, and a locally saved copy of the struts.jar file

I have edited struts-config.xml and all other files are ready and waiting 
but my problem is when I try to compile the file in my 
classes dir.

The error I get is cannot resolve symbol
symbol   : class Book
location : class BookAction
             Book book = new Book();

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