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From Geoff Seel <>
Subject Redirected to index.jsp unexpectedly
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 18:01:42 GMT
I am trying to evaluate Struts for a client and have tried to build an
example from the basic struts-blank.war.I am clearly making a stupid
error but cannot find anything similar in the mailing archives so would
appreciate help for a newbie.

My first jsp (TopLevel.jsp) contains the following:

<html:form action="">
Menu:      <html:select property="menu">
             <html:option value="AC">Add Calendar</html:option>
             <html:option value="AH">Add Holiday</html:option>
             <html:option value="RC">Remove Calendar</html:option>
             <html:option value="RH">Remove Holiday</html:option>
             <html:option value="LC">List Calendars</html:option>
             <html:option value="LH">List Holidays</html:option>
             <html:option value="HD">Holiday Dates</html:option>
           <html:submit value="Enter"/>

My struts-config.xml contains the following

       <action path="/TopLevelDone" 
         <forward name="addCalendar" path="/AddCalendar.jsp"/>
         <forward name="failure" path="/TopLevel.jsp"/>

I have a TopLevelAction.class in the actions package that just pulls in
the value of menu and redirects according to its value.

When I run the jsp and enter a value I get redirected back to index.jsp
with '?menu=AC&submit=Enter' appended.
If I change the action attribute in html:form to rubbish it says it
can't find the action so it must be getting that far. There are no error
messages in the logs I can access (running it on Sun Reference
Implementation J2EE 1.3.1).
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