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From "Day, Michael-IBM/TT" <>
Subject RE: [OT] XML Configuration Files
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 20:15:32 GMT

I was actually starting to look into Digester; however, after more thought,
I think I may need a different solution. I'm using Castor for DB mapping.
If a customer places an order with a particular shipping method, I need to
have the method's "key" saved in the ORDER table for later retrieval.  I
know Castor works with both SQL and XML, but does anyone know if I can mix
them?  Can I have one column in an SQL table that references an element in
an XML document?

I'm waiting for my request to join the Castor mailing list to go through so
I can ask this question there.  Thanks for any guidance you guys can give.

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From: Jason Rosen []
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 3:23 PM
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
Subject: RE: [OT] XML Configuration Files


You could use the Apache Jarkarta Commons Digester (the same API that Struts
uses to read in struts-config.xml) to read in an XML document into

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From: Day, Michael-IBM/TT []
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 10:49 AM
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Subject: [OT] XML Configuration Files

I'm working on an application that will use a database extensively.  In
order to save some database hits, I'd like to offload some smaller bits of
information into XML files.  

An example would be shipping methods.  There is a limited number of shipping
methods that a company could use.  I would like to define these in an XML
file during deployment.  When the application starts up, I'd like all fo the
shipping methods to be loaded from the XML file into memory.  By doing this,
I save the database hits everytime the application needs to access the
different shipping methods.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an existing API that does this.  I'm
sure something must be out there to assist developers that want to parse XML
configuration data for their applications.  Once I have this, what is the
best way to have this information loaded on startup?  I am thinking of
creating a singleton that manages the different shipping methods.  Do better
methods exist?

Thanks for any help.

Michael Blake Day
Nextel Communications, Inc.
desk: 678.966.4792 

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