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From "Taylor, Jason" <>
Subject RE: Nested Indexed Property
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2002 20:44:25 GMT
I'm not sure how you mean "nested" since there's a tag library called
"struts-nested" and I'm not sure if you're referring to that.  If you're
using that, I think you may not need to, depending on the complexity of your

If you have only one dimension of arbitrary length,  it's not really a
"nested" situation, and you can try using the "indexed" property of the
various html tags (such as html:text).  You need to have an array of beans
in your action form class with the appropriate get/set methods for each
"column" in your list.  The array corresponds to the set of request
parameters sent from an array on the form that you populate using a
logic:iterate block in the JSP.  Struts will automatically figure out that
the "customer[0].name" request parameter is the "name" property on the first
customer bean in your customer bean array in the action form.

Don't try it with Struts 1.0x, though, as "indexed" is a 1.1 feature...

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From: Howard Miller []
Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2002 1:02 PM
To: struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Nested Indexed Property


Sorry for repeating myself, but I think having read a lot more I can ask the
with a bit more "intelligence".

To set the scene may I quote from the documentation:

"You may also place a bean instance on your form, and use nested property 
references. For example, you might have a "customer" bean on your Action 
Form, and then refer to the property "" in your JSP view. This 
would correspond to the methods customer.getName() and 
customer.setName(string Name) on your customer bean"

fine... BUT what if name is a property of an object in the LIST customer. So

(working backwards) I want to create the reference:
customer.get( i ).setName(string Name) (oversimplified I know).

BUT it gets worse.... the index, i, is actually a property set on the
previous JSP 
page... so its more like
customer.get( reqest.getParameter( "index" ) ).setName(string Name )
...and of course the form action needs to properly read the current values
the form text fields and then set them back into the correct place. I have
clue how to do this! Any offers?

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