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From "Taylor, Jason" <>
Subject RE: [OT - Java] How can I do this in Java?
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 14:59:18 GMT
sounds like a job for reflection (java.lang.reflect.*;) Have you looked at
java.lang.Class and java.lang.reflect.Field?

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From: Jerry Jalenak []
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 7:50 AM
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Subject: [OT - Java] How can I do this in Java?

OK - off topic, but Sun's java forum sucks, and there are an incredible
number of Java guru's on this list, so I thought I'd throw this out here.
(That and I am using this in a custom validation routine  :-))    Any help
would be GREATLY appreciated!

Here's the scenario - I've got a series of static constants that represent
Java regular expressions.  These RE's are used to validate driver license
formats for the 50 states + DC.  The strings look like this:

	public static final String AK		= "^[0-9]{1,7}$";
	public static final String AL		= "^[0-9]{7}$";
	public static final String AR		= "^[0-9]{8,9}$";
	public static final String AZ	=
	public static final String CA	= "^[A-Z][0-9]{4,7}$";
	public static final String CO	=
	etc. etc. etc.

On my form I have a drop-down box of states, and a field for the license
number.  In my custom validator routine, I pick up the value of the state,
and build a string to represent the constant - i.e.

	private static boolean validateDriversLicenseNumber(String
licenseState, String licenseNumber)
		String licenseConstant = "Constants." + licenseState;

I then want to use "licenseConstant" in a Pattern / Match:

		Pattern p = Pattern.compile(licenseConstant,
		Match m = p.matcher(licenseNumber);
		return (m.find());

Obviously the line "String licenseConstant = "Constants." + licenseState;"
does not give me the value of Constant.<state name>; the question I have is,
is there a method (or something) that will allow me to build such a string,
and return the value (i.e. the regular expression)?  Or is there a better
way of doing this?


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