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From "Van Riper, Mike" <>
Subject RE: Multiple ApplicationResource Properties file with Struts
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 17:46:52 GMT

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> From: Declan O'Shanahan (CAPE)
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> Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 4:31 AM
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> Subject: Multiple ApplicationResource Properties file with Struts
> Hi there,
> I have searched the list for information on multiple message resources
> properties files with Struts1-1b2. I have looked at the dtd for the
> struts-config.xml
> ( 
> and it says
> that there can be multiple message-resources elements. Yet 
> when I include a
> second message-resources element in the struts-config.xml the 
> application
> does not recognoise the new values.
> Does struts1.1b2 support multiple message resources 
> properties files? Any
> hints or help on this would be appreciated.

Yes. I'm using multiple resource properties files with 1.1b2. You must
specify a "key" attribute in all but your default message-resources
elements. In order to pull messages from non-default properties files, you
have to specify this key attribute of the message-resources element as the
"bundle" attribute of the <bean:message> tags you are using in your JSP
pages. If you have this in your struts-config file:

  <message-resources parameter="MyResources" key="MY_RESOURCES_KEY"/>

You would insert messages from the specified properties file like this:

  <bean:message bundle="MY_RESOURCES_KEY" key=""/>

At least, this is how I am doing it and it is working for me. Struts does
the lookup in your default properties file when no "bundle" attribute is
specified in your <bean:message> tag.

> Regards,
> Declan O'Shanahan

  Mike Van Riper

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