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From "Joe Barefoot" <>
Subject RE: Struts - vs XSLT (ASP.NET v. Struts)
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 18:04:26 GMT
> >As alluded, the stxx extension does a nice job of this by 
> integrating 
> >with Struts. Though, I'd say the idea of a completely 
> seperate servlet 
> >(a la Velocity) sounds cleaner.
> Why do you think this to be the case? If you do think that 
> xml/xslt is the
> winner in the long run (as do I, but I'm hardly unbiased in 
> that regard
> ;)), why aren't you instead looking to instead something like 
> stxx into
> struts, and to provide something like the html taglib (_the_ 
> reason for
> many people to use struts) in xslt?
> >XML/XSL is going to win out in the long-run, but we're all still 
> >transitioning. To date, the major complaint has been 
> performance, but, 
> >as mentioned, the new parsers are addressing that.
> If that's the perceived complaint, wouldn't it be better to 
> connect the
> model data to the view using a sax pipeline rather than 
> passing around a
> dom or dom-like object, or even worse, a String?

And the sax 'pipeline' (I assume you mean an InputStream?) is connected to....what?  If your
model data (XML format) is in memory (which it has to be, unless you're yanking it straight
from a DB BLOB), then what's the difference?  The amount of memory consumed by a DOM representation
compared to a straight-up byte array of XML data is neglible, IMHO.  If there's a performance
difference between the two as far as XSLT is concerned, I'm not aware of it.

b.t.w., I agree that passing it as a String is stupid for several reasons.


> - donald
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