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From "Eric Cifreo" <>
Subject html:form with blank action
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 04:04:19 GMT

I'm confused.  I've been working with struts for over a year now and haven't
seen this one yet.  I'm hoping someone can diagnose the problem from the

I have 3 development machines here at the house.

Laptop Redhat 7.2, Tomcat 4.03, Struts 1.02, JDK 1.4
Desktop Win XP,    Tomcat 4.03, Struts 1.02, JDK 1.4
Desktop2 Win XP,	 Tomcat 4.03, Struts 1.02, JDK 1.4

Desktop two is brand new, with a fast processor and plenty of RAM, but it
won't run html:form tags correctly.  I have checked the same module out of
CVS on all three boxes and the first two run correctly, but the last fails.

I have a simple login page with:

<html:form action="/login">

This maps to a simple login form bean in struts-config.xml and a
corresponding action.  For whatever reason, it works on the first two
machines, i.e. it generates the source <form name="loginForm" method="POST"
action="/">, but when I run it on the last machine, the html:form
tag translates to (when I view source) <form name="loginForm" method="POST"

Why is my action path coming up as an empty string?

Thanks in advance,


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