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Subject Re: Is this possible??
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 05:12:47 GMT

Yes it is.

Check out a tutorial by keyboard monkey at :

Hope this helps.

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Hello everyone,
Just wondering if someone can tell me if this is possible and, if so, how
this can be done?  I've been banging my head for several days trying to
figure out a way to display several rows of data on a JSP, allow the user
update several rows at a time, then hit the submit button and have all
changes returned to the Action class so the database can be updated.

I have seen an incomplete example which says that if you use an array it
will be repopulated, but I'm just to lame to be able to figure out all the
pieces from the small snippet of code.  Has anyone ever done this?  Is it
even possible to do using Struts? Helpppp...

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