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Subject Re: Struts, Websphere and JAXP
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 06:14:46 GMT

You can find the Jaxp 1.0.1 at
As far as I remember, these instructions are for installing Struts
If you are running WebSphere 3.5.6, you can use Struts 1.1 as long as
you use the correct parser which is Xerces 1.4.4.
Have a look in the archive as some people posted some comments about
installing Struts on WebSphere 3.5.6 within the last month or so.

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I was reading the install instructions for WebSphere and they say to
the jaxp 1.0.1's and parser.jar files, but I don't know where to get
These aren't included anywhere, are they?  Everything that I find on
the net
is much more recent.
Also, does anyone know if the instructions listed on the Struts page
( still
when I am running WebSphere 3.5.6?  It seems to me that IBM has fixed
a lot
of stuff and upgraded the supported J2EE APIs since 3.5.3 and I
wanted to
make sure that all of these steps are still valid.

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