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Subject RE: [OT][ALT-TECH] Apple Web Objects
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 14:55:00 GMT

I would agree, I am a recent OS X convert  (Windows is absolute crap, w2k
is digestable..
Linux was my OS of choice, until OS X)
Now we just need JDK 1.4  !!!!!
I am wondering why the Java Apple team, is so slow at getting a release

Oh yeah.. and Tomcat, JBoss, and STRUTS runs wonderfully on OS X


"Chappell, Simon P" <> on 09/11/2002 09:51:31 AM

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Subject:    RE: [OT][ALT-TECH] Apple Web Objects

As an ex ZX81/ZX Spectrum/Atari ST kinda guy, I can seriously recommend the
new Macs especially with OS X. I have even gotten as far as to get the
struts example application to work, under JBoss, on it. (How's that for
keeping the conversation on-topic? :-)


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>> Maybe I can generate some nostalgia as well :
>Here we go then! :)  Can't go as far back as Apple II but my father
>bought a Iix which was my first introduction to the Mac.  They were
>_expensive_ back then.  My first Mac was an LC475 (LC68030) followed by
>a 7200.  I then worked for Apple for a year during which time I bought
>myself an 8600 on employee purchase :D.
>Before Macs I had been an Atari ST and Sinclair Spectrum guy.  I now
>almost exclusively use a PC :(.  Which is a shame.  I am seriously
>considering a new Mac and OS X.
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