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From "Tim T. Young" <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Struts Q&A Distilled, Vol#2
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 14:14:24 GMT

Great resource, keep up the good work.


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                                         Subject:     [ANN] Struts Q&A Distilled, Vol#2

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"Struts Q&A Distilled" is a catalogue of question-and-answers distilled
from Struts mailing lists and other sources. The catalogue is organized in
topics. New entries are added to the catalogue periodically in batches.

Volume #2:

Q1: It is recommended properties of the FormBeans should be String
properties. In that case, where do I do the type conversions?

Q2: How much does Struts depend on the session object and when is the
object created?

Q3: I have problem with using ActionErrors and <html:errors>. I don't see
my messages. Why?

Q4: My error messages generated by <html:errors> contain "null" at the
start and the end. What have I done wrong?

Q5: How do I prevent my form from being validated when it is displayed the
first time, if the JSP is fronted by an Action?

Q6: Struts 1.1 seems to support multiple resource bundles. How to use it?

Q7: After I replace my <input type="submit"...> to <html:submit...>, my
Javascript document.forms[0].submit() does not work anymore and returns me
"Object doesn't support this property or method". Why?

Q8: How do I configure Struts to intercept requests and perform some logic
before passing them to the controller servlet for processing?

Q9: How do I send binary data to the controller servlet? (e.g. a
Swing-based client sends serialized object to the controller servlet.)

Q10: I want to associate data with <html:check> and return the selected
value as a String property in the FormBean. But I got exception coming from

RequestUtils.populate(). Why?

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